CODE                                                PLANT NAME                                    SIZE     PRICE

Plant size is leaf span measurement i.e. leaf tip to leaf tip

                   A = 5cm    B =7.5cm    C =10cm    D =12.5cm    E =15cm    F = 17.5cm 

                                    NFS=Near Flowering Size  FS = Flowering Size


AOI H041            Alex’s Spots                                                                                                                                             C                $30.00

                                (Paph. kolopakingii var. album ‘Fast Company’

                                                                            x lowii var album ‘Albino Beauty’ CHM/AOS)


                                Expect lots of flowers on this multi-floral, easily up to 8. 

                                The petals will have a slight twist. 

                                Hoping the albinism will come through to the progeny.



CHO PA5936      Alma Gavaert ‘236’x Hsinying Citron ‘Ching Hua’ #4 SM/TPS                                              C                $20.00

                                Registered as Hilo Citron.


                                This cross has been made for award quality green Maudiae types.



Ezi 817                 Altostratus ‘Doug’ x (Carmen Coll x Western Thunder) ‘Pink’                                                D                $25.00


                                ‘Doug’ is a white complex Paph which has a pink overlay mostly on the

                                labellum and petals.  It has some spotting on a white dorsal.  ‘Pink’ has a

                                white dorsal with mahogany spotting and a green centre.  Petals are covered

                                with a pinkish brown.  Expect pink complex type with a white dorsal with some spots.



YS 5515                Amanda ‘Joyance’ AM/RHS x Fire Fighter ‘Black Cherry’ AM/JOS                                    C                $25.00

                                Registered as Aloha Oe.


                                ‘Fire Fighter’ is a cross of Flame Arrow with Cocoa Cherry which was originated by

                                by Terry Root.   A vini-colour Maudiae type.   Amanda ‘Joyance’ is a famous red

                                complex type Paph.   Aim is to produce complex shaped Paphs with the glowing

                                red colour from the Maudiae parent.                                                                                           



Ezi 823                 Amanda 'Joyance' AM/RHS x Hsinying Algon 'Great Red'                                                      C               $20.00

                                Registered as TB Kristin.


                                ‘Great Red’ is a very good, red complex type with strong red colour. 

                                Petals and labellum are also red.  ‘Joyance’ has been used extensively

                                as a parent and also is a good shaped red complex. 

                                A cross for top quality red complex type.



YS 5548                Amanda ‘Joyance’ AM/RHS x (Jim Iverson x Showtime) ‘Flatland’                                      C                $25.00


                                Jim Iverson x Showtime registered as Jim’s Show.

                                ‘Flatland’ is a red complex having a flat dorsal which is edged white. 

                                Petals are broad and held well being a red/brown similar to the pouch. 

                                Flower has a good gloss and looks lively.  Using Amanda with it can only

                                produce more show bench red complex types.



  YS 5637              Amanda ‘Joyance’ AM/RHS x Red Plum ‘Target’ SM/JOGA                                                  B                $25.00            


                                Two highly awarded red complex types have been used to produce show bench

                                red complexes.  Amanda is great parent for passing on genes for broad petals.



BF 0233                Anna Szabo 'Penny' x (Winston Churchill x Red Flame) 'Red'                                                 D, E           $20.00, $25.00

                                Registered as Whangapoua.


                                ‘Red’ is a very good shaped round red complex type with the dorsal having

                                a white border.  Petals are broad and are a reddish brown.  Similar colour

                                labellum.  Anna Szabo has a Winston Churchill background.  Final progeny

                                will be 50% influenced by Winston Churchill.  Expect spotted and red

                                complex types.



BF 0358                Anna Szabo ‘Tony 99’ x Hama Chilwin ‘T7’ BM/CSA                                                                C                $20.00

                                Registered as Buller River.


                                Anna Szabo is a red complex with the parents of Winston Churchill and High Hat. 

                                Hama Chilwin when awarded was 12cm in spread with a dorsal of 10cm and a petal

                                width of 6cm.  Its parents are Valwin and Winston Churchill.  Expect great red complex

                                 types heavily influenced by Winston Churchill



CHO PA5487      Armeni White                                                                                                                                         B                $25.00


                                A cross that will produce pure white flowers.  The template will have some

                                yellow colour overlaid with red.   A primary hybrid from the following species,

                                Paph armeniacum and Paph delenatii.



CHO PA5487R   Armeni White                                                                                                                                         B                $25.00


                                See previous description.  Can never have too many of these white flowers.



CHO PA5530      Armeni White                                                                                                                                         B                $25.00


                                See previous description. 



CHO PA5540      Armeni White                                                                                                                                         C                $25.00

                                A cross that will produce pure white flowers.  The template will have some

                                yellow colour overlaid with red.   A primary hybrid from the following species,

                                Paph armeniacum and Paph delenatii.



CHO PA4661      Armeni White ‘Moonlight’ x hangianum ‘#45’                                                                              C                $30.00

                                Registered as Hung Sheng Silver.


                                Expect whitish flowers with a template that has a red overlay. 

                                These flowers can be quite large approaching 15cm.



CHO PA5602      armeniacum x Shun-Fa Golden                                                                                                          B                $30.00


                                These flowers will be quite large from the Paph. hangianum influence.  

                                Paph Shun-Fa Golden has parents of hangianum and malipoense.  Colour will be a yellow green

                                with some having a reddish brown veining.



YS-5627                Aspen Hollow ‘Meadowland’ x Yosemite Moon ’Globe’                                                             C                $25.00


                                Yosemite Moon ‘Globe’ is a lovely green, complex type with huge, broad, green

                                petals and a dorsal sepal that is mostly white except for a small green centre.

                                ‘Meadowland’ is nearly green all over but has a white edged dorsal. 

                                Show bench green complex types expected.



HKU 358              Beatrice Ernst 'Vivaceous' AM/AOC x (Rosecheck x Alakazam) 'Red Moon'                     E                $25.00


                                Rosecheck x Alakazam registered as Rosemaling.

                                ‘Vivaceous’ has a white border dorsal with a port wine centre.  Petals and

                                labellum are mahogany brown.  Crossed with another red complex type. 

                                Expect red complex types.



Ezi 839                 Belinda Green x (Greenentrance x Gege Hughes) 'Muriel'                                                        C                $20.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                   NFS           $25.00            

                                Greenentrance has Van Ness and Golden Acres genes.  A green complex  type with

                                some brown on the petals.  Crossed with another green/yellow complex  type.

                                Expect green complex types with some having some brown on the petals and labellum.       



AOI HO119         Berenice ‘Album’                                                                                                                                   C                $30.00

                                (philippinense album ‘Jeanie Delight’ AM/AOS

                                                                            x lowii album ‘Albino Beauty’ CHM/AOS)


                                The green form of this multi-floral is very new as the album form of lowii has

                                only recently been found.  Expect about five flowers on a raceme that are green

                                with white tips on the petals and the dorsal.



AOI HO151         Berenice ‘Album’                                                                                                                                   C                $30.00

                                (philippinense album ‘Jeanie Delight’ AM/AOS

                                                                            x lowii album ‘Albino Beauty’ CHM/AOS)


                                same as above.



CHO PA6413      (Blockbuster x Night Thunder) x Thunder Eagle ‘Big Bear’                                                     B                $25.00

                                Blockbuster x Night Thunder registered as Thunder Buster.


                                Thunder Eagle is a cross of Thunder Bay with Eagle Lake. 

                                Night Thunder also has a Thunder Bay background and Blockbuster has                                

                                an Eagle Lake background.  These parents will produce spotted complex types.



AOI HO078         braemii ‘Green Lovely’ x braemii ‘01’                                                                                             A                $25.00


                                Was first thought to be a variety of Paph tonsum but now has been elevated to

                                species level.  Paph braemii is a smaller form of Paph tonsum and also more yellow/

                                green rather than brown.



YS 5555                California Girl ‘Twins’ x vietnamense ‘Kangaroo’                                                                      NFS           $30.00


                                There is a high change for many pink flowers to be produced. 

                                We have flowered a plant from this cross and it was better than expected

                                from this type of breeding.



Ezi 4018               Captain Cook ‘Landsdale’ x (Via Sombrero Verde x Laura Boyd) ‘Landsdale’                  B, D           $15.00, $20.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                   NFS, FS    $25.00, $30.00

                                Captain Cook ‘Landsdale’ is Winston Churchill x Cadence.  A good shaped complex

                                Paph with a white dorsal with green in the centre covered with heavy mahogany spots. 

                                Petals are also mostly mahogany in colour.  (Via Sombrero Verde x Laura Boyd) is

                                also a complex Paph but more in the green shades for the dorsal is mostly green with the

                                mahogany spots.  Petals are a lighter mahogany.  Expect good spotted complex Paphs.



TB 709                  Chocolate Shot 'Hot Dip' x (Kimberley Szabo x Kerry Ann) 'Birthday’                                FS              $30.00

                                Registered as TB Fruit Cake.


                                Complex type.  ‘Hot Dip’ has a white dorsal covered with lots of spots and red

                                brown petals.  ‘Birthday’ is a good shaped spotted type complex with bold spots

                                and mahogany petals.  Expect good complex spotted types.



Ezi 828                 Clark’s Emerald ‘Gillian’ x (Jean Herbert x Via Boulder) ‘Karwar’                                     E               $25.00

                                Registered as TB Sunny.                                                                                                                        FS             $30.00


                                ‘Gillian’ is a stunning green complex type with most of the dorsal being white

                                with a small green centre.  Labellum and petals are green.  ‘Karwar’ is a green

                                complex with a brown overlay in the centre of the dorsal.  Expect green

                                complex type with some brown overlay.



BF 0364                (Conigar x Future World) 'Coro' x Suzie Del 'N'                                                                         FS              $30.00


                                Suzie Del is a very good shaped complex type having bold spots on a white

                                and green dorsal.  Spots also on the lower half of the petals.

                                Expect good spotted  complex  types.



Ezi 4259               Coro Thunder ‘Ken’s Choice’ x Peter Pernar ‘#2’                                                                       E                $20.00,

                                                                                                                                                                                                   NFS           $25.00


                                Coro Thunder is a spotted complex type of good shape from Kimberley Szabo

                                x  Thunder Bay.  Peter Pernar is also a spotted type with a yellow background on

                                the dorsal.  Expect yellow background dorsals covered with spots.



Ezi 4264               Coro World ‘Ocelot’ x Peter Pernar ‘#2’                                                                                        D                $20.00


                                Coro World has a Donna Hanes background.  Expect more yellow background

                                 than the above cross.  Spotted complex types.



CHO PA5529      delenatii x Shun-Fa Golden ‘Hsinying’                                                                                            B                $25.00


                                Shun-Fa Golden looks like a more colourful Paph malipoense for it is a cross of

                                Paph hangianum and Paph malipoense.  Paph delenatii will tone down the green

                                colour to produce a flower similar to Paph Lynleigh Koopowitz but of a larger size. 

                                Should be perfumed.



CHO PA2989      delenatii 'Angel' x delenatii 'Hsin-Ming' SM/TPS                                                                        A                $20.00


                                Two good forms of the species have been used.  White flowers with a pink

                                overlay with some having cherry red labellums.



YS 5672                Doctor’s Favourite ‘First Strike’ x Acclamation ‘Confetti HCC/AOS                                     C                $20.00

                                Registered as Favorite Polo.


                                ‘Confetti’ is a spotted complex type with spots all over the petals as well. 

                                When awarded it was 11.5cm wide with a dorsal of 9.1cm and petals of 5.7cm. 

                                ‘First Strike’ is also a spotted complex with bold burgundy spots on the petals. 

                                This cross will produce excellent complexes with spots all over.



YS 5553                Doctor’s Favourite ‘First Strike’ x Acclamation ‘Twilight Zone’ B/CSA                               D                $25.00

                                Registered as Favorite Polo.


                                Both parents are spotted complex types also having heavily spotted petals. 

                                ‘Twilight Zone’ had 5cm wide petals and 11cm in size when awarded. 

                                A cross for those seeking spotted dorsal and petals on a complex type.



YS 5518                Doctor’s Favorite ‘First Strike’ x Personality ‘Plus’ HCC/AOS                                               E                $25.00

                                Registered as Favorite Person.                                                                                                              FS              $30.00                                            


                                Doctor’s Favorite is a spotted complex type with spots being bold and also

                                over the petals as well as the dorsal.  Personality is from Winston Churchill

                                and is a good shaped complex spotted Paph with a large white dorsal covered

                                with bold mahogany spots.  The best of these will have bold spots all over the flower.



CHO PA6533      Dodge City ‘High Noon’ BM/CSA x Yosemite Moon ‘#2’                                                           D                $25.00


                                Dodge City ‘High Noon’ is a fairly large flower.  13cm wide with a dorsal of 11cm

                                and petals 5cm.  It has yellowish tan petals and a dorsal with a white edge. 

                                Peter Black , one of its parents, has greatly influenced its colour. 

                                Yosemite Moon is a greenish yellow with also a white edged dorsal. 

                                Expect yellowish flowers with a white edged dorsal.  Complex types.



Ezi 808                 (Double Deception x Macabre) ‘Norito’s Dream’ x henryanum ‘Blown Away’                     B                $15.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                   D                $20.00

                                Double Deception x Macabre registered as Calgary Ken.

                                An interesting novelty cross.  The henryanum  spotted dorsal will dominate and

                                most of the progeny will have the pink labellum.  Hoping the broad petals of

                                ‘Norito’s Dream’ will also feature in the outcome.



Ezi 4020               Double Glory ‘Big Blotches’ x (Raisin Pie x Pacific Magic) ‘Magic Pie’                               B               $15.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                    D               $20.00

                                Maudiae types with broad petals approaching 2cm wide. Lots of colour in the dorsal           

                                with some being vini-colour.  Spots on the petals are large and bold.



Ezi 802                 Elfstone ‘Big Dorsal’ x (Elfstone x Sheila Hanes) ‘Green Gloss’                                              NFS           $20.00

                                Registered as TB Cuddles.


                                ‘Big Dorsal’ is a large flower with most of the dorsal being white with a

                                green centre.  Labellum and petals are green.  The flower lack a little substance. 

                                ‘Green Gloss’ is an apple green colour with a faint white border around the edge of the

                                dorsal.  Expect wonderful green complex types with some having a white edge

                                on the dorsal.



CHO PIC3202    Elfstone ‘Monument’ x In-Charm White ‘In Charm’                                                                   B                $35.00            


                                Elfstones are known for their very large white dorsals with a little green

                                at the base.  In-Charm White is a cross of Paph White Knight x Paph godefroyae. 

                                A cross to make some white complex types.


Ezi 820                 (Elfstone x Sheila Hanes) 'Green Gloss' x Alex Szabo 'Polly'                                                   E                $20.00

                                Registered as TB Green Frost.


                                ‘Green Gloss’ is a green complex types type which is green all over except for  a

                                slight white edge around the dorsal.  Crossed with ‘Polly’ which is a combination

                                of colours being mainly green but has a brown overlay on the petals and a broad

                                dark brown band through the centre of the dorsal.  Expect complex types that are green

                                with a brown band in the dorsal.



YS 5690                Emerald Crown ‘Contemporary’ x Stone Lovely ‘Impressionable’                                        B                $20.00


                                Two proven breeding parents have been combined to produce show bench

                                yellow/green complex types with a white edged dorsal.



Ezi 3710               (Emerald Dream x Todd Clarke) ‘Green Valley’ x Magic Mountain ‘Colossus’                  C                $20.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                   NFS           $25.00

                                Emerald Dream x Todd Clarke is registered as Clark’s Dream

                                ‘Green Valley’ is a green complex Paph with a green dorsal, edged in white with

                                broad yellowish green petals and labellum.  Magic Mountain ‘Colossus’ originated

                                from Andy Easton’s collection and is predominately green with some autumn tones

                                from the Peter Black influence.  Expect green complex type with some autumn tones.



CHO PA5752      Emerald Magic ‘Terence’ x Stone Lovely ‘Ching Hua #2’                                                        B                $20.00

                                Registered as Tokyo Lovely Magic.


                                Emerald Magic has parents of San Francisco and Jolly Green Gem. 

                                Stone Lovely is Elfstone with Autumn Gold.  Expect yellowish green complex types

                                with lots of white in the dorsal.  Flowers also should be fairly large.



YS 5516                Escapade ‘Valour’ x Amanda ‘Joyance’ AM/RHS                                                                       FS              $30.00


                                Escapade resulted from Ratcliffe's breeding and has genes from Sparsholt

                                and Paeony.  A cross made for red complex types. 

                                Some excellent proven parents in the background.



YS 5668                Fort Collins ‘Dark Eyes’ x Personality ‘Plus’ HCC/AOS                                                            C                $25.00


                                Fort Collins is a spotted complex with large broad mahogany petals. 

                                Personality ‘Plus’ is one of my favourite spotted complex types for it has

                                excellent form and has proved to be a great parent. 

                                Great potential for excellent spotted complex types.



CHO PA5644      Freckles ‘Show Stopper’ AM/AOS x Stone Lovely ‘C.H. #6’                                                      C                $40.00

                                Registered as Freckled Love.


                                Some of these that have flowered have been white with fine peppering. 

                                White complex types.



Ezi 747                 Gloria Naugle                                                                                                                                         B                $20.00

                                (micranthum '# 2' x rothschildianum 'Aussie')


                                This is a very desirable multi floral.  Flowers are large in size up to 15cm.

                                Colour can be pink going into red shades.  A very spectacular bloom

                                with normally two flowers on a raceme.


CHO PA6484      Great Pacific x Royale Splendour ‘Mount Massive’                                                                    C                $20.00


                                Royale Splendour has parents of Bold Eagle and Pandemonium. 

                                A spotted complex type.  Great Pacific, is well known as being an excellent spotted

                                complex type.  For those growers after large spotted complex type flowers.



BF 0353                Greenshank 'Coro' x Hama Chilwin 'T7' BM/CSA                                                                     D                $25.00

                                Registered as Hutt River.                                                                                                                       FS              $30.00


                                Greenshank has a green dorsal with a white edge and bold spotting.

                                Mahogany petals and labellum.  Hama Chilwin is a red complex types. 

                                Expect spotted and red complex types with mahogany petals.



YS 5699                Gridlock ‘Sambo’ x Thunder Cat ‘Jungle King’ BM/CSA                                                         C                $20.00            


                                This cross has been made for those that desire spotted complex types with

                                large bold spots.  ‘Jungle King’ was 13cm in width when awarded on a 20cm stem. 

                                Gridlock ‘Sambo’ is also a spotted complex type with large bold

                                burgundy spots.  The progeny will include some top show bench spotted types.

                                Both dorsals have a white background.



CHO PA5327      Hama Chilwin ‘Hsinying’ x Thunder Mountain ‘Monarch Pass’                                             C                $20.00


                                Hama Chilwin is Valwin x Winston Churchill.  Flowers can be large up to

                                12 to 13 cms.  A red complex type.  Thunder Mountain has parentage of Jenna

                                Marie and Thunder Eagle.  Expect spotted and red complex types on large flowers.



CHO PA6361      Hama Chilwin ‘Toko’ x Thunder Cat ‘Tire Power’                                                                     D                $25.00


                                Thunder Cat has parents of Jenna Marie and Pandemonium. 

                                Bold burgundy spots on a nearly white all over dorsal. 

                                Hama Chilwin is a red complex type.  Hama Chilwin has parents of

                                Valwin and Winston Churchill.  Expect spotted and red complex types.



YS 5635                Hamana Fairy                                                                                                                                        B                $25.00                                                   

                                 (Jenna Marie ‘Royale Gem’ HCC/AOS x Amanda ‘Joyance’ AM/RHS)


                                These have to be great.  Two exceptional red complex type breeders have been

                                combined.  Petals will be broad and colour will be glistening.



 CHO PA6356     Hamana Samson x California Girl ‘Royal Majesty’                                                                   D                $25.00


                                Hamana Samson is a spotted complex type with parents of Valwin and Pacific Ocean. 

                                California Girl is a red complex type.  Expect spotted and red complex types.



NZ                          Hang-Glider x (Bonita Roja x Amanda) ‘Wrestler’                                                                     FS              $25.00


                                Hang-Glider is a red complex type.  Bonita Roja has a Winston Churchill

                                background.  Bonita Roja x Amanda ‘Wrestler’ would also be a red complex type. 

                                Expect good red coloured complex types.


Ezi 4266               haynaldianumDarch’ x richardianum                                                                                            E                $25.00

                                Registered as Toni Semple.                                                                                                                   NFS           $40.00

                                Paph richardianum is a variety of Paph lowii.                                                                                


                                Paph richardianum is a smaller form of Paph lowii usually flowering with 4 flowers

                                on a raceme. Flower size about 8cm compared to Paph lowii which ranges from

                                15 to 18cm.  Also the petals are not held as horizontal.  Outcome will be a smaller

                                form of the popular multi-floral ‘Toni Semple’.  Should be easy to flower,

                                for a multi-floral type.



AOI HO010         haynaldianum ‘Jeanie’ x haynaldianum ‘New Wave’                                                                  C                $25.00


                                Paph haynaldianum is a multi-floral species that can often have six flowers on a

                                raceme.  Flowers often 15cm in size.  Distinguishable from Paph lowii in that it

                                has spots on the dorsal which Paph lowii does not.                                                                        



TB 529                  haynaldianum 'Landsdale' x kolopakingii 'Devil'                                                                        E                $25.00

                                Registered as Puppentanz.                                                                                                                    FS              $50.00


                                Primary hybrid. Lots of flowers on a stem.   6 to 8 flowers.  Flowers 16 to 17cm

                                in size.  Racemes can be 1m long.  Dorsal sepal has a peacock pattern.  Petals

                                are chartreuse with burgundy spots and rose tips.



BF 0327                (Hazella x Emba) ‘Papa Aroha’ x Pavarotti ‘Papa Aroha’                                                        D                $20.00

                                Hazella x Emba registered as Embazella.


                                This cross will produce autumn tone complex types being a greenish yellow

                                background overlaid with brownish red thru the centre of the dorsal. 

                                The dorsal will have a white edge.



Ezi 4024               henryanum x sib                                                                                                                                     B                $20.00


                                Paph henryanum is a smallish and easy to flower species.  The dorsal is green

                                and is covered with bold mahogany/black spots.  The labellum is a pink/purple

                                colour which is normally passed into its progeny.



CHO PA 5248     Hsinying Artist ‘Olive Magic’ x Hsinying Citron ‘Ching Hua Giant’ GM/TPS                    C                $20.00


                                Hsinying Artist has a Paph mastersianum background hence has a green striped dorsal

                                and brown petals and Labellum.  Crossing it with the large green Maudiae type

                                ‘Ching Hua Giant’ expect larger flowers but similar colours to Hsinying Artist. 

                                Green striped dorsal and brown petals and labellum.



CHO PA5680      Hsinying Carlos                                                                                                                                     C                $20.00

                                (callosum ‘Red Hsinying’ SM/TPS x Hsinying Web ‘Dong Shan’)


                                Maudiae type with a large dorsal and broad downswept petals. 

                                Coloratum type colours.  These should be large.



CHO PA 5285     Hsinying Cherry ‘#4’ x Winston Churchill ‘Indomitable’ FCC/AOS                                      C                $25.00


                                This type of breeding is made to improve the red colour of complex red types. 

                                Hsinying Cherry ‘#4’ is a vini-colour Maudiae type.  ‘Indomitable’ is a red complex type. 

                                The best of these will have lovely, glossy red colour.



CHO PA 4024     Hsinying Citron ‘Big Hsinying’ x Dragon Mint ‘Hsinying’ SM/TPS                                       B                $20.00


                                Hsinying Citron is a green Maudiae type.  Dragon Mint has Maudiae and Auroreum

                                as parents.  Auroreum has genes from Paph lawrenceanum and Paph venustum.  Expect

                                green Maudiae types with some of the labellums having marble markings.



CHO PA5871      Hsinying Citron ‘Big  Hsinying’ x Hsinying Majakun ‘C.H. #3’ SM/TPS                              C                $20.00

                                Registered as Hilo Green.


                                These are green Maudiae types with large dorsals and petals that are held nearly horizontal.



CHO PA6472      Hsinying Citron ‘C.H. #11’  x Hsinying Dragon ‘Double Trouble’ SM/TPS                          C                $20.00


                                Hsinying Dragon has a Paph sukhakulii influence in its ancestry so has a squatter dorsal

                                and broad horizontal petals.  Hsinying Citron has more the Paph callosum shape. 

                                The combination will produce show bench green Maudiae types with broad petals.



CHO PA6291B   Hsinying Citron ‘Ching Hua Giant’ SM/TPS x Hsinying Dragon ‘Green Dream’               C                $20.00


                                Similar results to the previous cross.



CHO PA6423      Hsinying Crown ‘Ching Hua’ BM/TPS x niveum ‘C.H. 7’                                                           B                $20.00


                                Hsinying Crown has Emerald Crown and Todd Clark as parents and is a

                                yellow/green complex type.  By combining the two expect progeny to be on

                                the whitish side.  Complex types.                                                                                                        



CHO PA6296      Hsinying Dewey ‘Ching Hua’ BM/JGP x Hsinying Web ‘Ching Hua #35’ SM/TPS            B                $20.00


                                Hsinying Dewey is Macabre x Nightsleader.  It has the Paph sukhakulii looking petals                                         

                                but are more downswept.  Hsinying Web is the ideal Maudiae type with broad petals            

                                and a large dorsal.  Expect, show bench, coloratum colour Maudiae types.



PA 5172                Hsinying Emma ‘C.H.#2’ x Hsinying Citron ‘Ching Hua Giant’ GM/TPS                            B                $20.00


                                More wonderful green Maudiae types expected.  Maudiae types are quick to flower. 

                                Large flowers are also expected.



CHO PA6405      Hsinying Mautrum x Hsinying Citron ‘Ching Hua Giant’ GM/TPS                                        C                $20.00


                                Hsinying Mautrum is a cross of Spectrum with Maudiae and Spectrum has

                                Paph sukhakulii as one of its parents and hence has higher held petals than normal. 

                                Hsinying Citron is being used to increase the size of the flowers . 

                                These will be green Maudiae types.



CHO PA6071A   Hsinying Pitch ‘Hsinying’ x Hsinying Viny ‘Ching Hua’                                                            C                $20.00

                                Registered as Awasubihs Delight.


                                Pulsar and Ruby Leopard are the parents of  Hsinying Viny. 

                                A vini-colour Maudiae type with a large dorsal. 

                                Hsinying Pitch is a cross of Fever Pitch with Macabre. 

                                This cross should produce broad petals and large dorsals, vini-colour Maudiae types.


CHO PA6271      Hsinying Stone x Lady Isabel ‘Crown’ SM/TPS                                                                            A, D  $20.00,$30.00


                                Hsinying Stone is Paph stonei x Paph platyphyllum. Petals can get to about 16cm long. 

                                Lady Isabel is Paph stonei with Paph rothschildianum.  Expect flowers that look similar

                                to Lady Isabel with dorsals about 5cm across with  petals lengths of 15cm or more. 

                                Mostly white on the dorsal with maroon striping.  About 4 to 5 flowers on a stem.



CHO PA5682      Hsinying Web ‘Don Shan’ x sukhakulii ‘#6’                                                                                   B                $20.00


                                Coloratum and vini-colour Maudiae types expected with broad petals from the

                                Paph sukhakulii influence and also a large dorsal.                                                                         



BF 0342                Incredible 'Thanksgiving' x (Mendocino x Pacific Ocean) 'Coro'                                           FS              $25.00

                                Registered as Dark Hollow.


                                ‘Coro’ is a red complex type with a white edge.  Mahogany petals and

                                reddish labellum.  ‘Incredible’ is also a red complex types type with glossy colour.

                                Expect good red complex types.



TOVS05-57         Irish Eyes ‘Supreme’ B/CSA x Ice Castle ‘Galaxy’                                                                      C, NFS      $25.00,  $30.00

                                Registered as Ice Cube.


                                Supreme’ was awarded in 1999 and was 10.8cm in natural spread when awarded. 

                                A pale yellowish complex looking flower.  Ice Castle is Greyi with White Castle,

                                a small white complex looking flower with some peppering.                                                  

                                Expect some small white complexes, some will have peppering.



CHO PA 6345     Irish Lullaby ‘Hsinying’ BM x Prima Donna ‘Hsinying’                                                            C                $25.00


                                Irish Lullaby is Scarborough Faire with Coastal Gold. 

                                These are round filled in flowers with broad petals in the yellow/green tones. 

                                Prima Donna has been influenced by Pavarotti and Donna Hanes and hence has a brownish

                                colour through the centre of the dorsal.  Expect autumn tone complex types.



Ezi 835                 (Irish Spring x Magic Mood) ‘Gold Overlay’ x Joan Thomas ‘Trevor’                                 B                $15.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                   D                $20.00            

                                Irish Spring x Magic Mood is registered as TB Mitchell James.

                                ‘Gold Overlay’ is a green complex type with some orange/brown on the top half

                                of the petals and some orange/brown lines on a green dorsal.  There is very

                                little white in the dorsal.  ‘Trevor’ is of a similar colour being predominantly

                                green with some brown overlay.  Expect similar colour to the parents.



CHO PA5304      Janet Kunkle ‘Grace Hsinying’ x Hsinying Citron ‘#1’ SM/TPS                                              B                $20.00


                                ‘Grace Hsinying’ is a green Maudiae type with some Paph sukhakulii influence

                                that will give wide petals.  Expect green Maudiae types.



YS 5619                Jenna Marie ‘Royale Gem’ HCC/AOS x Brandy Lynn ‘Red Keeper’                                     B,C  $20.00,$25.00


                                Jenna Marie is a red complex type with a dorsal sepal of 9.2cm and petal width of

                                5.2cm when awarded.  Brandy Lynn is also a red complex from Amanda and Red Destiny. 

                                Progeny will be red complex types.



CHO PA3980      Jerry Spence ‘Mei-Chen’ x philippinense ‘Daya Twister’                                                           C                $25.00


                                Expect Paph Berenice looking flowers with petals having more twisting.                                   

                                Paph Jerry Spence is Paph rothschildianum with Berenice.  Expect 4 to 5 flowers on a stem.



CY 96101             Kemp Tower x sanderianum ‘Red Long Hair’                                                                               D                $35.00


                                Kemp Tower is Prince Edward of York with philippinense. 

                                By combining with Paph sanderianum petals will become longer around 40cm. 

                                Flower count around 4 to 5 flowers on a stem.



BF 0350                Keyeshill 'Jaunty' HCC/AOS x Firing Line 'Papa Aroha'                                                         E                $25.00

                                Registered as Mount Tongariro.


                                Firing Line ‘Papa Aroha’ is a red complex type.  The dorsal is white with red in

                                the centre.  Petals are brown.  Shape is round and full with broad petals.

                                ‘Jaunty’ has intense red colour with the red approaching black in the centre of the

                                flower.  Very rich mahogany petals and labellum.  Expect great red colour complex type.

                                This cross will produce red complex types of very good shape and colour.



PUN 130               (Keyeshill x Red Glory) 'Blood Red Vini' x Alakazam 'Perfect Circle'                                 C                $20.00


                                This cross will produce glowing red vini-complex types with good complex type

                                shape.  ‘Blood Red Vini’ has a complex type background with a vini-colour

                                Maudiae type and is further crossed with a large red complex type of good shape.



BF 0345                King Frank ‘Papa Aroha’ x (Redmix x Keyeshill) ‘#2’                                                               NFS           $20.00            

                                Redmix x Keyeshill registered as Ruby River.


                                The cultivar name ‘Papa Aroha’ was used on Barry Frazer’s best cultivar. 

                                A red complex with broad petals and round shape. 

                                Ruby River is also another great, red complex type. 

                                A chance for progeny to obtain awards from this breeding.



CHO PA6137      King of Sweden ‘Crown’ HCC/AOS x Stone Lovely ‘Ching Hua #2’                                       E                $25.00


                                King of Sweden is a greenish yellow flower with a white edged dorsal. 

                                Dorsal sepal of 9.5cm when awarded.  Stone Lovely is also a yellow green flower

                                with more white in the dorsal.  Green/yellow complex types.



CHO PA5725      King of Sweden ‘Val’ x Stone Lovely ‘Ching Hua #2’                                                                 C                $20.00


                                Another cross to produce good green/yellow complex types.



AOI HO133         Kolosand ‘Green Wonder’ AM/AOS x lowii var. albino ‘Albino Beauty’ CHM/AOS         D                $30.00


                                Kolosand is a cross of Paph kolopakingii with Paph sanderianum.  Petal lengths of

                                20cm occur and often 6 flowers on a raceme.  The albino form of lowii is being

                                used but flowers will show some signs of brown.  Petals will remain long in the

                                15 to 20 cm range with often 6 flowers on a raceme.



ICO 3386             lowii ‘Daya’ x lowii ‘#2’                                                                                                                       B                $25.00


                                An easy to flower multi-floral species.  Expect about 6 flowers on a raceme. 

                                Has spots on the petals that become spoon like and being pink at the tips. 

                                Flowers can reach 18cm in width.



TB 713                  lowii 'Laurie' x Wayne Booth 'New Year'                                                                                      F                $30.00


                                Wayne Booth is a cross of Susan Booth x rothschildianum.

                                It can have up to 5 flowers on a raceme.  Flowers can be 20cm wide with

                                petal lengths of 12cm.  Paph lowii has 4 to 6 flowers on a raceme with flowers

                                15 to 18cm wide.  Expect racemes with 4 to 6 flowers.



TB 689                  Luciano Pavarotti                                                                                                                                 D                $25.00

                                (Susan Booth 'Rubber' x delenatii)


                                Expect pink multi floral type.  2 to 3 flowers per stem. 

                                Flowers about 12cm in size.



Ezi 4015               Luna Moth ‘Hairy Lemon’ x henryanum ‘Tall Stem’                                                                  C                $15.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                   D                $20.00


                                Novelty cross that will flower on a very small plant.  Dorsal will be green

                                 in colour with some blotches and the labellum will be a pinkish colour.



TB 581                  Lynleigh Koopowitz                                                                                                                             FS              $30.00

                                (malipoense 'Green Zone' x delenatii 'B')


                                Greenish Parvisepalum type with bronze veining in the centre of the petals,

                                labellum is pale pink striped with raspberry red.  Flowers about 10cm in size

                                with the petals being the predominant feature of the flower.



BF 0355                Maggie Anne 'Papa Aroha' x King Frank 'Red'                                                                           NFS           $30.00


                                Maggie Anne is a red complex type Paph with a round shape and broad petals. 

                                The red dorsal has a white edge and its mahogany petals fade to green on the

                                bottom half.  King Frank has a similar colour and is also a very great shaped

                                red complex with very broad petals.  Two excellent red complex types have been

                                combined to produce more award quality red complex types.



CHO PA6347      Magic Mood ‘Dusty’ BM/CSA x Todd Clark ‘Greenlight’                                                         C                $25.00


                                Magic Mood has been a proven parent for producing large, good complexes. 

                                ‘Dusty’ has more brown tones in the flower compared to most Magic Moods. 

                                Expect greenish yellow flowers overlaid with some tan tones.  Complex types.



Ezi 758                 Magic Mood 'Sunshine' x Alex Szabo 'Landsdale'                                                                       NFS           $30.00

                                Registered as Saturday Night.


                                A green complex types ‘Sunshine’ is crossed with an award quality basically

                                green complex types ‘Landsdale’.  ‘Landsdale has a brown midline in the petals

                                and a brown overlay in the centre of the dorsal.  Expect green complex types

                                with a brown overlay.



CHO PA6435      (Magic Mountain x Jenna Marie) x Thunder Eagle ‘Big Bang’                                               C                $25.00


                                Thunder Eagle has Thunder Bay and Eagle Lake parentage. 

                                A spotted complex type.  Expect progeny to be spotted complex types.



CO                         (Marlborough x Village Green) ‘Camira’ x Tomas Garcia ‘Dappled’                                   D                $25.00


                                The hybridiser is aiming to produce pink spotted complex flowers.

                                Pink spotted complex flowers are rarely made.



AOI H0159          Matinezo’s Condor                                                                                                                                C                $25.00

                                (Mt. Toro semi album x kolopakingii var album ‘Fast Company’)


                                Yellowish colour, multi-floral expected with 3 to 5 flowers on a stem. 

                                Natural spread of about 12cm.  Dorsal will be striped in usual fashion. 

                                The progeny may carry alba genes.



Ezi 4255               Maurice Butler ‘July’ x Coro Thunder ‘Ken’s Choice’                                                               E                $20.00

                                Registered as Kevin’s Pride.


                                Maurice Butler is Via Fuerte x Great Pacific.  Coro Thunder is Kimberley Szabo x

                                Thunder Bay.  Kimberley Szabo also has Great Pacific as a parent. 

                                Cross made for good spotted complex types.



CHO PA3979      Michael Koopowitz                                                                                                                               D                $30.00

                                (philippinense ‘Daya Twister’ x sanderianum ‘Ishi’)


                                Expect 5 to 6 flowers on a stem.  Petal lengths of 50cm to 60cm have occurred. 

                                These make a great show when in flower.



CY 96100             Michael Koopowitz                                                                                                                               D                $35.00

                                (philippinense ‘#DS4’ x sanderianum ‘Red Long Hair’)


                                Same as above.



Ezi 821                 (Mildred Hunter x Personella) ‘Millions’ x Tea for Two ‘Moon’                                             E                $20.00


                                ‘Millions’ has a gloss to the flower.  Petals are large and are a shining

                                mahogany colour.  Dorsal is covered with lots of spots all over.

                                Background colour of the dorsal is white with a green centre.  ‘Moon’ has a

                                great shape and size.  ‘Moon’ also has a large white dorsal with some red in

                                the centre.  Expect spotted and red complex types.



Ezi 756                 (Mildred Hunter x Via Padre Grande)'Tall Frog' x Alex Szabo 'A Winner'                        E                $20.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                   NFS           $25.00


                                Mildred Hunter x Via Padre Grande is registered as TB Hunter.

                                ‘Tall Frog’ is a spotted complex  type having half of its dorsal being white with

                                the centre being green.  Black spots cover most of the dorsal.  Petals are green

                                overlaid with mahogany with greatest concentration on the top half.  Labellum

                                is a glossy mahogany colour.  ‘A Winner’ has a dorsal which has a white edge

                                with a green centre and a dark brown, broad band through the centre.  Petals

                                are a yellow/green with a brown midline.  Labellum is a green/yellow colour.

                                Expect a range of colours including spots and a broad mahogany band through

                                the centre of the dorsal.  Complex  types.



Ezi 3770               {(Mildred Hunter x Via Padre Grande) x Maginot Hill} ‘In Bed’                                             C                $15.00

                                                                            x (Maginot Hill x Miyabi Kaoru) ‘Darch’                                           NFS, FS    $20.00, $25.00


                                {(Mildred Hunter x Via Padre Grande) x Maginot Hill} is registered as TB Ethan.

                                Maginot Hill x Miyabi Kaoru is registered as TB Wings. 

                                Now reads TB Ethan “In Bed’ x TB Wings ‘Darch’.

                                ‘In Bed’ is a spotted  complex  type with a dorsal that is half white and half green. 

                                The spots are nearly black.  The mahogany petals  have a similar colour and will

                                compliment ‘In Bed’.  Expect spotted complex types.



YS 5331                Mount Pelee ‘Black Jack’ HCC/AOS x Amanda ‘Joyance’ AM/RHS                                      C                $20.00


                                ‘Black Jack’ was 11cm in size when awarded, having a dark burgundy dorsal

                                with a white picotee edge.  Amanda will improve the shape and broaden the petals. 

                                Expect good red complex types.



Ezi 836                 (Mountain Acres x Elfstone) ‘Freedom’ x Mt Reba ‘Geyersland’                                             D                $20.00

                                Registered as TB Meadow.                                                                                                                   NFS           $25.00            


                                ‘Freedom’ has apple green petals and labellum.  The dorsal is half white and

                                half green with the centre being green.  Mt. Reba has three colours in the

                                dorsal starting with white at the edge, green in the middle and a brown overlay.

                                Expect a brown overlay on the dorsal and brown petals and labellum in the




BF 02102             (New Edition x World Beater) 'Coro' x Tree of Beauty 'Sands'                                               C                $20.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                   NFS           $25.00

                                New Edition x World Beater is registered as World Edition.

                                ‘Sands’ is a spotted complex  type with a white dorsal with a green centre,

                                mahogany petals and labellum.  World Beater has a Paph Sparsholt background

                                as well as New Edition.  ‘Coro’ is also a spotted complex .

                                Expect good spotted complex types.



CHO PA6436      Night Heat ‘Cherokee Sunset’ x California Girl ‘Big Bear’                                                       C                $25.00


                                A red complex type has been crossed with a spotted complex type. 

                                Expect similar progeny.



YS-5517                Night Sky ‘Stormy Weather’ B/CSA x Amanda ‘Joyance’ AM/RHS                                       NFS           $30.00

                                Registered as Sky Joy.


                                ‘Stormy Weather’ is 10.5cm wide with an 8cm dorsal. 

                                Amanda ‘Joyance’  produces some good progeny.  

                                Expect some red complex types with a few spotted types.



CHO PA5676      Ossipee                                                                                                                                                     A                $25.00                                            

                                (Winston Churchill ‘Indomitable’ x Keyeshill ‘Carpinteria’ AM/AOS)


                                Expect dorsals to be a red violet colour with a white border. Complex types.

                                and petals and pouch to be a chestnut colour.



Ezi 4263               Pacific Storm ‘Katrina’ x Fort Collins ‘Fremantle’                                                                     C                $20.00


                                Pacific Storm is New Edition x Algonquin. 

                                Colour is outstanding and is a spotted complex type. 

                                Fort Collins has exceptionally broad petals and is also a bold spotted complex type. 

                                Although the progeny may be slightly smaller than normal, form and colour will be outstanding.



Ezi 4254               Pacific Storm ‘Maldives’ x Coro Thunder ‘Ken’s Choice’                                                         B                $20.00


                                Coro Thunder has parentage of Kimberley Szabo and Thunder Bay. 

                                For a spotted complex it has a fair amount of green on the dorsal.

                                Expect good quality spotted complex types.



Ezi 4022               Peacock Formal ‘Steve’ x Hsinying Flame ‘Roy’                                                                         C                $20.00


                                The progeny have been well above expectations.  Many of these will be awardable. 

                                Vini-colour Maudiae types with exceptionally wide, broad petals. 

                                Highly recommended.


YS 5544                Personality ‘Plus’ HCC/AOS SM/JOGA                                                                                        

                                                                            x Olympic Leopard ‘Boulder Springs’ AM/AOS                              C                $25.00


                                This is a hot cross for top show bench spotted progeny.  Both parents have great

                                shape and are highly awarded.  Be quick and have one of these in your collection.



TB 434                  philippinense 'Doll' x delenatii 'March'                                                                                          D                $20.00

                                Registered as Delphi


                             Pink flowers.  Multi-floral type with two flowers on a raceme.  Expect petals

                                5 to 7 cm long and 2 to 2.5cm wide.  Dorsal about 3 cm wide.



Ezi 777                 (Power Surge x Sheila Hanes) ‘Small Parcel’                                                                                C                $20.00

                                                                        x Coromandel Gold ‘Bunni’ AM/AOS                                                     NFS           $25.00

                                Registered as TB Greenhead Gold.


                                ‘Bunni’ has a bright yellow colour which develops more as the flower ages. 

                                The dorsal has a white edge and some faint spots on the green/yellow centre.

                                Green/yellow petals and labellum.  ‘Small Parcel’ also has some spotting on the

                                dorsal.  Complex types.



TB460                   primulinum 'Steve' x philippinense 'Doll'                                                                                       F                $30.00

                                Registered as Honey.


                                Progressive flowering multi-floral type with three flowers on a raceme. 

                                Predominant colour will be yellow.  Petals will have a twist.   Easy to grow.



TB 459                  primulinum ‘Steve’ x Saint Swithin ‘Landsdale’                                                                            D                $20.00

                                Registered as Clifton Booth.


                                Expect 4 to 5 flowers on a stem but not all open at the one time. 

                                Petals around 8cm long and a dorsal of about 4cm wide. 

                                These are in the yellowish green tones with some striping on the dorsal.



CHO PA4047      Prince Edward of York                                                                                                                        A,B  $20.00,$25.00

                                (sanderianum ‘Daya’ x rothschildianum ‘Robber’)


                                This cross was first registered in 1898 and continues to be remade. 

                                One of the most stunning of the Paph sanderianum hybrids and has won

                                Champion of a show many times. 

                                Expect 4 to 5 flowers on a stem with petal lengths of 30 to 40 cms.



CHO PA6233      Provocation ‘Seductive Miss’ x Valwin ‘Christmas Robe’ AM/AOS                                        A,B  $20.00,$25.00


                                Provocation has parentage of Gridlock and Winston Churchill. 

                                Both are excellent breeding progeny for top show bench spotted types.  

                                Valwin has a nearly solid red dorsal and is also a complex type. 

                                Progeny will be spotted or red complex types.



Ezi 4019               Red Fusion ‘Spotted Leopard’ x Hsinying Flame ‘Roy’                                                              B                $15.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                   D                $20.00

                                We are starting to flower these vini-colour Maudiae types and there are

                                some good ones amongst them.


PA 4361                Robert McElderry ‘Giant’ x hangianum ‘New Year’                                                                   D                $30.00


                                Robert McElderry is a complex type from the parents Peter Black and Sarella. 

                                A green flower with some honey brown overlay.  Crossed with hangianum

                                which also is predominantly green with some red/brown.  Complex shaped

                                flowers, green in colour, with larger labellums expected also overlaid with red/brown.



AOI H0182          rothschildianum ‘Gigantic’ FCC/AOS x rothschildianum ‘Perfection’ FCC/AOC               C                $30.00


                                Two of the world’s best Paph rothschildianum have been put together here. 

                                ‘Gigantic’ has a natural spread of 28.7cm and a dorsal width of 6.6cm when

                                flowered with 4 flowers and a bud. 

                                ‘Perfection’ had a spread of 29.3cm and a dorsal of 6.2cm.



AOI H0166          rothschildianum ‘Jim Krull’ FCC/AOS

                                                                    x rothschildianum ‘Canadian Club’ GM/JOGA                                        C                $30.00


                                ‘Jim Krull’ had a 30.7cm spread with a dorsal of 6.3cm when flowered. 

                                ‘Canadian Club’ is one of the best roths that Tokyo Orchid Nursery produced

                                when ‘Val’ was crossed with ‘Mont Millais’



CHO SF055         rothschildianum ‘Z2135’ x rothschildianum  ‘Dou Fang’                                                            A,D  $15.00,$20.00


                                ‘Z2135’ was produced by the Orchid Zone and has a 6.3cm wide dorsal. 

                                ‘Doug Fang’ is a jungle collected plant with dark colour. 

                                Expect some great roths to be produced.



YS 5661                Russet Gold ‘Fountain Springs’ x Lippewunder ‘Blood Orange’                                              C                $25.00


                                Russet Gold has autumn tones and is a complex type. 

                                Its parentage being Van Ness and Stoke Poges. 

                                Lippewunder has a similar colour but the banding through the dorsal is darker. 

                                Expect autumn tone complex types.



CHO PA6476      Saint Ouens Bay ‘Cerritos’ AM/AOS x Stone Lovely ‘Ching Hua’                                          B                $40.00

                                Registered as In-Charm Mystique.


                                Those that have flowered have been greenish/yellow complex types. 

                                There is a chance that some of the progeny will be white complex types.



CY 9656               Shin-Yi Sanders                                                                                                                                      C                $30.00

                                (Michael Koopowitz ‘Ping Tung’ SM/TPS x sanderianum ‘Chou-Yi #3’)


                                Expect 4 to 5 flowers on a stem.   75% of the cross will be influenced by

                                Paph sanderianum so petals are expected to be very long.

                                One plant has already flowered with 73.5cm long petals.



CHO PHS4052   Shun-Fa Golden                                                                                                                                     C                $30.00

                                (hangianum x malipoense)


                                Flowers can reach 14 to 15cm in size.  Yellowish/green flowers red or

                                reddish brown overlay mostly on the petals near the labellum.



PA 4768                Silmaril ‘White Pepper’ x Stone Lovely ‘Mavis’                                                                          B                $20.00


                                Silmaril is a cross of Oriental Mystique with Alma Gavaert.  In this case a green

                                Maudiae type is crossed with a green complex.  Expect green complex types that

                                are quicker and easier to flower.


YS 5621                Sioux ‘December’ AM/AOS x Red Spring ‘Sara’                                                                          D                $25.00


                                Sioux is a cross of Winston Churchill with Gigi. 

                                ‘December’ had a natural spread of 11.7cm and a dorsal of 8.9cm when awarded. 

                                The dorsal is reddish purple with a white border.  Red Spring is also a red complex

                                with an Amanda background.  Expect great red complex types.



CHO PIC4220    Somers Isles ‘In-Charm’ SM/TPS x philippinense fma. alba ‘Charming’                              D                $25.00

                                Registered as Somers Phil.


                                This cross has produced albinistic multi-florals. 

                                Expect up to 3 flowers on a stem.  Natural spread of about 13cm and dorsals of 5 cm.



YS 5656                Song of Mount ‘Fun Fun’ x Small World ‘Adventure’                                                                 C                $25.00


                                Song of Mount is a cross of Woodruff with British Bulldog. 

                                A spotted complex type.  Small World ‘Adventure’ is also a spotted complex type

                                that has produced top plants.  Expect good complex spotted types.



YS 5687                Sorcerer’s Stone ‘Sunnyside Up’ x Emerald Crown ‘Contemporary’                                     D                $25.00


                                Sorcerer’s Stone is a cross of Pacific Shamrock and Stone Lovely. 

                                Two fantastic green/yellow complex parents. 

                                Emerald Crown is another good yellow/green complex. 

                                Should be some good ones from this cross.



YS5653                 Sparsholt ‘Jaguar’ AM/RHS x Electric Stars ‘Shake Hands’                                                    C                $25.00


                                Electric Stars is a cross of Western Thunder with Tokyo Bells. 

                                These have bold spots on a green and white dorsal. 

                                For those wanting the spots to be bold.  Complex type.                                                                 



YS 5654                Sparsholt ‘Jaguar’ AM/RHS x Western Thunder ‘Storm Cloud’                                             C                $25.00

                                Registered as Thunder Shot.


                                Thunder Shot was registered by Orchid Ltd but this cross was done in Japan. 

                                Expect bold spotted progeny of the complex type.



YS 5562                Sparsholt ‘Jaguar’ AM/RHS x World Series ‘Hyde Park’                                                         D                $25.00


                                World Series is Two Worlds x World Famous.  When one looks back on its

                                grandparents it is either Small World or Sparsholt.  Lots of genes from Sparsholt

                                on both sides to give bold spotted complex types.



YS 5482                Sparsholt 'Telstar' x Wild Wood 'Ocelot'                                                                                      D                $25.00

                                Registered as Wildlife.                                                                                                                            FS              $30.00


                                Sparsholt has been widely used as a parent.  It is in the background of over

                                600 progeny.  A spotted complex  type Paph.  Wild Wood is a cross of

                                Woodruff x Sparsholt.  Also a spotted type, 75% of the genes are from

                                Sparsholt in this cross.  Expect spotted complex  type.




TB 715                  (Sparsholt x Grandblend) 'Spotted Cat' x British Bulldog 'Future World'                            C                $20.00

                                Registered as TB Gavin.                                                                                                                        FS              $30.00                        


                                ‘Spotted Cat’ has a white dorsal with a small green centre and is covered with

                                large, bold black spots.  Petals are green with a bronze overlay from half way                           

                                to the tips.  The beginning of the petals are also spotted.  Labellum is mainly

                                brown.    ‘Future World’ is also a spotted complex  type with more green in the

                                dorsal.  Expect bold spotted complex  types.



YS-5445                (Spotted Waters x Doctor Shuji Murakumi) 'First Strike'                                                         E                 $25.00

                                                                            x Emanuel Baptista 'Toad’

                                Registered as Oil Painting.                                                                                                                                                                 


                                Spotted Waters x Doctor Shuji Murakami is registered as Doctor’s Favorite and

                                is a complex type with a white dorsal with green centrally and green petals

                                overlaid with brown.  Big mahogany blotches occur over the petals and dorsal.  

                                Emanuel Baptista has Flight Path as one of its parents and also has large spots all

                                over the flower.  This cross was made for those wanting complex types with spots all over.



BF 0385                (Spotter x Mach One) 'Coro' x (Future World x Qantas) x Sparsholt '#1'                             C                $20.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                   NFS           $25.00

                                = Leopard Spots ‘Coro’ x Den En ‘#1’

                                ‘Coro’ is a round shaped complex  type with very bold black spots covering

                                the nearly white dorsal all over except the centre which is a green.

                                Petals are green/yellow with a brown overlay and also covered with bold

                                spots all over.  Crossed with another good shaped spotted type.  Expect good

                                spotted complex types with some having spots on the petals.



BF 0230                (Spotter x Mach One) 'Tony' x (Stardust Tree x Kerry Anne) "#1'                                         NFS           $25.00

                                Registered as Pauanui.


                                ‘Tony’ is a round complex  type with bold black spots on the dorsal with some

                                also on the petals.  Stardust Tree is often used in breeding for its density of

                                bold spots on its petals and it is passed onto its progeny. 

                                Outcome will be spotted complex types with spots also on the petals.



TB 830                  Spring Fling 'Red Flare' x (Algonquin x Hamana Emy) 'Great Red'                                     D                $20.00                                Registered as TB Red Fling.                                                                                                                  NFS           $25.00


                                ‘Red Flare’ is a red complex  with round shape and broad petals. 

                                It has a wonderful gloss and a dark red pouch.  ‘Great Red’ is redder in colour.

                                A top shaped red complex with broad petals.  Expect wonderful red complex types.



CHO PA6353      Stone Lovely ‘C.H.’ x Pacific Shamrock ‘Lemon Pie’                                                                 B                $30.00

                                Registered as Sorcerer’s Stone.


                                There has been some good progeny all ready produced when made

                                using different cultivars.  One awarded plant reached 15cm in size. 

                                Yellow/green complex types.



CHO PA5549      Strange Love                                                                                                                                          C                $25.00

                                (callosum ‘V-14’ x Macabre ‘Black Eagle’ SM/TPS)


                                Vini-colour Maudiae types expected with broad petals reaching 2.5cm



CHO PA6121      sukhakulii ‘Mavis’ x sukhakulii ‘Muscles’ AM/AOS                                                                    B                $25.00


                                A species that is a stunner when flowered well with its broad spotted petals.



BF 0363                Suzie Del '99' x (World Exile x Jacandelo) 'Coro'                                                                       NFS           $25.00

                                Registered as Rangitaiki River.


                                Suzie Del is very round with very broad petals covering half the flower.

                                White dorsal with green in the centre.  Green petals and pouch overlaid with

                                brown being more dense on the top half of the petal.  Bold spotting on the dorsal

                                and lower half of the petals.  ‘Coro’ is also a good shaped spotted complex  type

                                with good shape and broad petals.  Expect wonderful spotted type complex s.



CHO PA6319      Taiwan ‘Hsinying’ BM/OIS x Lady Isabel ‘Crown’ SM/TPS                                                    D                $30.00


                                Taiwan is a cross of Paph rothschildianum with Paph platyphyllum.

                                 It has 5 to 6 flowers on a stem with a dorsal around 5 cm and petal length of

                                17 to 18cm.  Lady Isabel is a cross of Paph stonei and Paph rothschildianum. 

                                Expect show quality multi-florals that can win championships.



Ezi 824                 TB Joshua’s Gift ‘Joshua’ x Alex Szabo ‘Hamersley’ HCC/AOC                                            NFS          $25.00

                                Registered as TB Joshua’s Thomas.                                                                                                   


                                ‘Hamersley’ has fine spots covering most of the dorsal with a great concentration

                                along the midline.  Also has a midline in the petals.  ‘Joshua’ has a mahogany

                                band in the centre of the dorsal.  Expect yellow/green flowers with a dark midline

                                on the petals and a band in the centre of the dorsal.



Ezi 837                 TB Kaitlin's Star 'Kalbarri' x Good Union 'Mambo'                                                                 D                $25.00

                                Registered as TB Kaitlin’s Dance.


                                ‘Kalbarri’ is a spotted complex type having a white edged dorsal, centre being

                                green.  Spots in lines radiate through the centre.  Top of the petals are brown,

                                bottom half is green spotted with brown.  Labellum is green overlaid with

                                brown.  ‘Mambo’ is a green complex that has an overlay of brown on the dorsal,

                                petals and labellum.  It has broad petals.  Complex types of various colours expected.



Ezi 827                 TB Suncrest ‘Karwar’ x Magic Mood ‘Golden Girl’                                                                   B                $20.00            

                                Registered as TB Sun Magic.


                                TB Suncrest is Mooncrest x Tommie’s Sun. Hoping to produce some yellow

                                complex types rather than green. ‘Karwar’ is a very large flower. ‘Golden Girl’

                                is also a bigger than normal complex  type. Expect large complex  flowers.



Ezi 3771               Tea for Two 'Ken’ x Magic Mountain 'Colossus'                                                                  NFS                  $25.00


                                Both parents are complex types.  Magic Mountain has Peter Black genes and is a

                                yellowish green large flower with some brown.  Tea for Two has some red in the dorsal. 

                                Expect some autumn tone complex types.



Ezi 834                 Tea for Two 'Moon' x TB Kaitlin's Star 'Kalbarri'                                                                      NFS        $25.00

                                Registered as TB Kaitlin’s Tea.                                                                                                                              


                                ‘Kalbarri’ is a spotted complex  type with lots of green in the dorsal and on the                                         

                                petals and labellum.   ‘Moon’ has good shape and is a complex  type with some

                                red in the centre of the dorsal.  Expect a range of colours including spots.



CHO PA5189      thaianum                                                                                                                                                  B                $25.00


                                This is like a miniature form of Paph niveum.  They flower on a very small plant. 

                                Flowers are pure white and are about 5cm in size.



CHO PA6416      Thunder Cat ‘Fire Power’ x Royale Splendour ‘Mount Massive’                                             C                $25.00


                                Royale Splendour is Bold Eagle with Pandemonium.  A spotted complex type.

                                Thunder Cat is also a spotted complex type.  Expect great spotted complex types.



YS5652                 Thunder World ‘Fantastic’ BM/JOGA x Western Thunder ‘Storm Cloud’                           B                $25.00


                                Spots and more spots for this complex type. 

                                Thunder World’s parents are Western Thunder and World Famous. 

                                Genes from Western Thunder to dominate.



YS 5066                Thunder World ‘Passion’ x Personality ‘Plus’ HCC/AOS,SM/JOGA                                     B                $25.00


                                Another great cross with high expectancy for top show bench spotted complex types



Ezi 4258               Thunder World ‘WA’ x Fort Collins ‘Fremantle’                                                                         B                $20.00


                                Fort Collins has parents of Mem Jody Headrick and World Famous. 

                                Thunder World is Western Thunder with World Famous. 

                                World Famous has large bold spots and great colour.  Expect bold spotted complex types.



Ezi 829                 Top of Yokohama ‘Broad’ x (Treevill Festival x Valwin) ‘Huge’                                            C                $20.00

                                Registered as TB Frog.                                                                                                                           FS              $25.00


                                Top of Yokohama has Winston Churchill and Sparhill as parents.

                                Sparhill has a background of Keyeshill and Sparsholt.  These three parents

                                and grandparents have resulted in many of our best Paph plants.  Crossed

                                with a large complex  to produce more red and spotted types.



YS 5572                Treevill Festival ‘Confetti’ x Sparsholt ‘Jaguar’ AM/RHS                                                        C                $20.00            

                                Registered as Kimura Sholt.                                                                                                                  NFS           $25.00


                                Treevill Festival has Winston Churchill  and Sparsholt as grandparents and is a

                                spotted complex type.  Using ‘Jaguar’ the spots will be made bolder and larger

                                which is desired in a good spotted, complex type.



Ezi 838                 (Treevill Festival x Valwin) ‘Huge’ x (Song-bird x Veritilario) ‘Red Top’                            C                $20.00

                                Registered as TB Kaye Frances.                                                                                                           NFS           $25.00


                                This cross was made to produce red complex types.  The flowers should be

                                large for a red type.



PA 4199                True Love '#3' x In-Charm White 'Hsinying'                                                                               C                $30.00


                                True Love comes from Hellas and Saint Ouens and has a predominantly

                                white dorsal with some peppering.  In-Charm White is White Knight with godefroyae. 

                                Also a white complex with peppering. A high percentage of these will be white

                                complex types with various degrees of peppering.



PA 3333                True Love ‘#3’x Yosemite Moon 'C.H. #5'                                                                                     D                $25.00


                                Yosemite Moon has a large white dorsal with yellow/green centrally and

                                yellow/green petals and labellum.  When combined with True Love there is a

                                chance for some of the progeny to be white with most being a creamish yellow

                                with a large white dorsal.




CHO PA5649      urbanianum ‘Ching Hua’ x urbanianum ‘C.H. #6’                                                                        C                $20.00


                                A species that has the Maudiae type shape but colour is very different. 

                                A green striped dorsal on white and green petals becoming pink

                                half way to the tips with spotting.



CHO PIC4043    Vanguard ‘In-Charm’ BM/TPS x hangianum ‘Ya Show’                                                            B                $25.00


                                Expect very large flowers on a stem where 2 or 3 may be produced sequentially. 

                                Greenish shades to dominate.                                                                                                              



CHO PLC125     Varuna                                                                                                                                                     B                $15.00

                                (wardii  var. album  x venustum var. album)                                                                                    E                $20.00


                                We have been flowering this crossing and the progeny have been normal colour. 

                                For beginners this is an easy cross to grow and flower.  A primary hybrid. 

                                Flowers about 8cm in the brown and green tones.



AOI H124            venustum ‘Orange Sunset’ x venustum ‘Fox Catcher’ FCC/AOS                                               B                $30.00


                                The wonderful thing about this species is the veining on the labellum. 

                                Green striped dorsal, orange tipped petals with yellowish/orange pouch

                                veined in green.



YS 5741                venustum ‘Oyster Point’ x malipoense ‘Colorado Springs’                                                         C                $20.00


                                I am surprised that this cross has not already previously been made since

                                it is a primary hybrid.  On further checking it appears that none of the Parvis

                                have been used with Paph venustum.  Outcome for this cross is unknown. 

                                Be the first to flower this new line of breeding.


BF 315                  (Via Vulcan Verde x San Francisco) x Sunline ‘#7’                                                                    C               $20.00

                                Registered as Motu Sun.


                                Both parents are green complex  types with dorsals with lots of white.

                                Petals are broad and flowers are full in shape. Expect some good green

                                complex  types with lots of white in the dorsal.



CHO PA4321      Via Quatal ‘Coral Queen’ x Hsinying Citron ‘CH#6’                                                                  B                $20.00


                                Via Quatal is William Matthews x Maudiae.  Some of these Maudiae types can

                                have orange colouration.  Coloratum type Maudiaes expected with some showing

                                more honey coloured tones.



Ezi 4023               wardii var. album x self.                                                                                                                       B                $25.00


                                The album form of the species.  White dorsal striped with green. 

                                Petals are mostly green striped with darker green.  Labellum is green with

                                darker green marbling.



CHO PA5717      (Western Beauty x Tree of Reminiscence) ‘Ching Hua’

                                                                        x (Laser x Black Cherry)                                                                             C                $30.00

                                Laser x Black Cherry is registered as Hsinying Black Jack.


                                Western Beauty’s parents are Winston Churchill x Western Horizon. 

                                Tree of Reminiscence is W.N. Evans x Winston Churchill.  A red complex type. 

                                (Laser x Black Cherry) are vini-colour Maudiae types. 

                                Looking for the complex shape and being bright red with a high gloss.



YS 5585                William Provine ‘Round Up’ x Inspiration Point ‘Royale Class’                                             E                $25.00


                                William Provine has Frank Pearce and Amanda genes.  Inspiration Point is
                                Top Model x Jenna Marie.  These will mostly be red complex types with

                                broad petals.  A cross recommended for red complexes.



CHO PA4398      Winston Churchill ‘Indomitable’ AM/RHS x Hama Chilwin ‘Hsinying’                                NFS           $25.00


                                Registered as Tokyo Chilwin.


                                Hama Chilwin is Valwin x Winston Churchill. 

                                75% of the genes in the final progeny will be from Winston Churchill.

                                For those wanting a good red complex type.



CHO PA4155      Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' FCC/AOS x Impulse 'C.H.#2' SM/JOGA                          NFS           $25.00


                                The famous spotted complex Winston Churchill has been combined with a

                                vini-colour Maudiae type.  Expect red complex types with more heat tolerance.



ICO 3588             Winston Churchill ‘Indomitable’ FCC/AOS x In-Charm White ‘In-Charm’                         B                $30.00


                                This type of breeding produces pink complex types which are highly desirable. 

                                A good pink complex is even rarer that good white complexes. 

                                Add one to your collection.



Ezi 832                 Winston Churchill ‘Indomitable’ FCC/AOS x (Copperware x Ossipee) 'Copper'                D                $20.00

                                                                   x Amanda 'Joyance' AM/RHS

                                Registered as TB Cherry.


                                Two very good shaped red complex  types have been combined. 

                                Expect some great red complex s types.



Ezi 4253               (Winston Churchill ‘Indomitable’ AM/RHS x Flashdance) Red Glory’                                  A,C  $15.00, $20.00

                                                                        x Anna Szabo ‘#1’                                                                                                            


                                A high gloss bright red complex shaped flower is being crossed with another

                                excellent shaped red complex.  Colour should be excellent for this red complex type.



CHO PA1626      (World Exploit x British Bulldog) 'Coro' x Kimberley Szabo 'Papa Aroha'                        NFS          $25.00


                                World Exploit x British Bulldog registered as Tempo.                                                                                        

                                Kimberley Szabo is a stunning spotted complex  type with good shape.

                                Petals are broad being a red/brown colour.  Labellum is similar colour of the

                                petals.  ‘Coro’ is also an excellent spotted complex  type.



VS05-49                World Festival ‘Tokyo Festival’ AM/AOS x Speedmaster ‘Tsukuba’ SM/                            NFS           $25.00


                                World Festival = Wings of Song x Sparsholt. 

                                Speedmaster = British Bulldog x World Beater.

                                Both parents are spotted complex types. 

                                Expect good shaped progeny from these two highly awarded  parents.



YS 5674                World Plus ‘Dark Prince’ x Tiger Top ‘Royale Majesty’ HCC/AOS                                       C                $20.00


                                World Famous and Personality makes World Plus. 

                                Tiger Top has parents of Sparsholt and Thunder Bay. 

                                Two fantastic breeding parents for spotted complex types. 

                                Another excellent cross for spotted progeny.



CHO PA6362      Yerba Buena ‘White Cap’ x Todd Clark ‘Greenlight’                                                                 D                $25.00


                                Both parents are green complex types with lots of white in the dorsal

                                especially Yerba Buena.  A cross for green complexes with nearly white all over dorsals.



A 4193                  Yosemite Moon x Hsinying Majakun SM/TPS                                                                              NFS           $25.00


                                A green complex type has been bred with a green Maudiae type. 

                                Flower shape is usually between the two.  Green flowers.                                                              



CHO PA6350      Yosemite Moon ‘Ching Hua #3’ x Pacific Shamrock ‘Lemon Pie’                                           D                $25.00

                                Registered as Hsinying Gold.


                                Several of these plants have all ready been awarded so don’t miss out on the one. 

                                Great shaped green/yellow complex type with broad petals have been seen.



CHO PA6348      Yosemite Moon ‘#5’ x Elfstone ‘Monument’                                                                                  C                $25.00


                                Elfstone has produced some fantastic progeny. 

                                Yosemite Moon has great shape with its wide petals. 

                                Expect more wonderful green/yellow complex types.